( 25 DEC 2017 )

For all those couple out there, who have already lost all hopes of welcoming their little bundle of joys in the lives, IVF appears as a ray of expectation. India is one of the leading countries having the top-most successful rates of IVF. Though there is a multitude of IVF centers, but it still becomes a daunting task when you have to differentiate the best from the rest. Since IVF can demand a good amount of money and time; hence, you need to be sure of the ultimate decision you make.

Types of Clinics
When it comes to the types of clinics, then you are sure to find different ones who are going to be dissimilar from each other to a great extent.

• Sole Practitioners
• Small practices along with two to eight physicians
• Large/Full-service Practitioners
• Fertility networks
• University based clinics
• Hospital based clinics

Sole Practitioners:
Undoubtedly, going through an IVF procedure is nothing less than an intimate task. And, to trust the doctor with this highly vulnerable responsibility, you would have to be in direct touch with him. Sole Practitioners offer you a personal experience and a direct access to them. Whenever you have a question regarding this procedure, you can simply knock on their door.

Large/Full-Service Practitioners:
Large Practitioners have the advantage of equipment, in-house lab, and some other more advanced resources. Along with these things, there is going to be more staff. Here, you may have a direct contact with the nurses and staff.

Fertility Networks:
Fertility networks are more like a group of networks that have formed one single organization. These different fertility networks offer distinct types of finances for the IVF procedure.

University Based Clinics:
These types of clinics are more equipped with the latest technology as compared to the other clinics as these clinics are more into the research. Hence, you can easily avail the benefits of the advanced science as well as techniques and adequate discount on the procedure.

Hospital Based Clinics:
The hospital based clinics also have direct access to the latest technology and prominent techniques to conduct this procedure. However, these clinics are not fastened with the reputation that the hospital would hold. So, these are some of the best IVF centers that you can easily find in your city, unless you are residing in a remote area. These types of clinics are well-researched, well-equipped, and hold a noticeable number of success rate of IVF.