( 14 OCT 2017 )

10 Ways to Select the Right Infertility Clinic
For a woman, there is no greater joy in this world other than to become a mother. It is a journey with a roller coaster of emotions. However, these days you end up hearing how most couples are facing infertility issues in their quest to become parents. The news of infertility hits a couple hard. Dealing with infertility can often drive partners apart. However, with the advent of technology and science, now there are many great fertility clinics that can help you fulfill your dreams of having a child. There are also many countless and genuine fertility clinics out there that can indeed help you attain the family you and your partner dreamed of.
But before selecting your infertility clinic, there are certain things you need to look out for. As infertility is often a private struggle, many couples are not aware who to turn to in order to ask for referrals. Well, by going through this list of points, you will undoubtedly be better equipped at understanding which infertility clinic is the best one for you and your partner.

1. Do your Research well
Well, the first thing to do is research the infertility clinics in your area. While you may ask your friends for referrals, there can also be some organization for assisted reproduction in your city that can help you out with the data you are looking for. These kinds of organizations or even centralized websites provide you the information on the various infertility procedures you can opt for, genetic testing methods, chances of success, etc. It is also a good idea to read up on the reviews of some of the shortlisted clinics. With this, you will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses if any.

2. Does the Clinic have affiliations with a Hospital?
It is important that the clinic you select is affiliated to a hospital. While we all hope for the best, what if there is a complication that requires hospitalization. You need to ensure that the clinic has a plan, wherein, they send you to a hospital for treatment. You don't want to lose critical time being shuttled around from one place to another, or having to determine where you will go now that your clinic has turned you away.
3. Understanding that Fertility Clinics Work on Different Modules
Not all fertility clinics work in the same manner. It is essential for you to understand that fertility clinics are also businesses at the end of the day. While your case will be critical to your doctor, the chances are that there is a company board that is calling the shots behind the scenes. If your initial testing is going to throw up something that makes you a less-than-ideal candidate for in vitro fertilization (IVF), they are more than likely to turn you down. You don't want to be associated with clinics that turn down patients who may pull down their success rates.

4. Look for the Success Rate of a Clinic
Try to look for an infertility clinic's success rate on their website first before going in. However, if you are unable to find it, then don't bother with doing too much research into this as this means that the clinic is not going to be worth the trouble. A clinic with an excellent success rate will definitely be advertising its rate of success on any source possible.

5. Who decides about what happens to the remaining eggs?
During the procedure of IVF, fertilization of the eggs takes place outside of the woman's body. Once fertilized, the eggs are then put inside of her. At this stage, it is important to ask the clinic who will decide how many eggs will be put back inside and what will happen to the eggs that are left over? The ideal option would be of course to choose between either you or the doctor. However, even in this, you should at least be allowed to have a say in the matter. So make sure that you clarify the clinic's position on this matter.

6. Take into Account the Size and Location of the Infertility Clinic
While you may think that the size and location of the clinic do not matter, it actually does have a role to play. As you will be visiting the infertility clinic weekly or even daily at the start of your treatment, you need to choose a clinic that is located close to your workplace or home. A more prominent clinic is also more likely to be equipped with better technology, while a smaller clinic will probably offer a more personal touch.

7. What Services does the Clinic offer?
You need to determine what treatment options and services the clinic offers. If the clinic you have chosen only offers IVF treatment, then the doctors there are not going to consider offering you any other option except for IVF. You must keep in mind that not every case can be treated with IVF. What if yours need something different? There are lesser expensive options than IVF that include stimulated ovulation or timed intercourse. So, think about all these factors before choosing your clinic.

8. Ensure your Doctor is Board Certified
While choosing your clinic, you need to ensure that the doctors they have on board are all board certified. This ensures that your doctor has the required training and practice to perform the procedures. A certificate for practicing reproductive endocrinology and infertility expertise is also required.

9. Behavior of the Staff
When you first visit the infertility clinic try to look signs like how was their greeting? Did they greet you with a warm welcome? Do they have a definite and frequent communication pattern with patients? What will be the availability of your doctor? These types of questions will help you get an idea about the clinic's quality.

10. Trust your Inner Voice
You, yourself, are the best judge of deciding which clinic is the best one for you. If a clinic makes you feel uncomfortable, then chances are that your experience will go downhill from there in the coming months. Choose a clinic where you feel comfortable with the doctor and the staff. Infertility treatments are extremely personal processes, and you need to have the best possible team with yourself as you embark on this process.
Don't make the mistake of selecting your infertility clinic only based on the costs of the treatments. While you would want to save money, of course, but many times the best clinic does not come at the best price. Find the best infertility clinic that meets all the requirements you have while remaining within your budget as well. Make your health and your goal the priority.