( 25 FEB 2017 )

Bleeding During Pregnancy – What Does It Means?
During the first trimester of pregnancy, you may encounter vaginal bleeding frequently. However, it is the bleeding in the second and third trimester that can be the reason to worry. There can be a number of reasons that can cause bleeding and surface some serious complications as well. There are certain things that you must take charge of as soon as you come across vaginal bleeding during pregnancy:

• Use pad or panty liner to monitor how much is the bleeding.
• Avoid using a tampon or any other product for vagina.
• Avoid sexual intercourse
• Contact your doctor right away

What happens if you bleed during the first half of the pregnancy?

Bleeding during the first half of the pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, but it does not mean that the miscarriage is forthcoming. According to some studies, approximately 20-30% women experience bleeding during the first half of the pregnancy; however, half of the bleeding women do not have a miscarriage. Only 15-20% of pregnancies result in a miscarriage in the first 12 weeks itself. Symptoms of Miscarriage:

• Tissue passage through vagina
• Vaginal bleeding
• Cramping and pain in the lower part of the stomach

Ectopic Pregnancy:
Ectopic pregnancy embeds outside the uterus. The fallopian tube reports for the most of the ectopic pregnancies. These types of pregnancies occur in 1 of 60 pregnant women, making it less common than miscarriages. Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy:

• Vaginal bleeding
• Cramping in the lower stomach
• Low level of hCG
• Severe pain in abdominal

Reasons for bleeding in the first half of the pregnancy:

• Infection in urinary tract or pelvic cavity
• Bleeding may also occur because of the intercourse

What happens if you bleed during the second half of pregnancy?
Placental Abruption:
Before or during labor, the placenta may detach itself from the uterine wall, resulting in vaginal bleeding. This one is an exceptional case and occurs only in 1% of women. Signals of Placenta Abruption:

• Stomach pain
• Bleeding

Preterm Labor:
During this time of pregnancy, the vaginal bleeding can be the symptom of labor. Before the beginning of labor, the mucus plug may pass up to a few weeks. The mucus plug is formed by blood and a small amount of mucus. If it occurs earlier than expected, then you must see your doctor as soon as possible. Signals of Preterm Labor:

• Vaginal discharge
• Uterine tightening or contraction
• Pressure on lower abdominal
• Stomach cramps
• Backache

If there are light spots of blood, then that may not be a matter of concern. However, on the other hand, heavy bleeding may be a call for something complicated and abnormal. So, try contacting the doctor in both the cases to remain on the safe side.