( 25 JAN 2017 )

While choosing a fertility clinic, there are innumerable factors that should be taken into consideration. Out of all, the success rate is one such aspect that is going to decide your future. Irrespective of the contradictory opinions on this matter, success rate highly matters. These success rates manifest the number of treatments conducted by a fertility clinic in a year and the number of live births that appeared out as the outcome of these results. However, these success rates differ from clinic to clinic because of some particular factors.

How do the success rates differ?

• The types of patients treated by the clinic, including the length of infertility, diagnosis, and age.
• The treatment practices adopted by the clinic.
• The type of treatment carried out by the clinic.

While searching for a fertility clinic, you can explore the way of diagnosis, duration of the treatment, and the age of the patients that the clinic handles. If these factors are equals to yours, then you can think about choosing that clinic and can expect higher success rate from that particular fertility centre. Your fertility chances will keep declining with your age, which in turn can impact your chances of getting pregnant to a large extent. Moreover, some of the best IVF clinics use such types of treatments that further elevate your chances of conceiving, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Not just that, but the usage of fresh and frozen embryos also determine the success ratio.

Furthermore, the birth of a single child is the fastest result of a fertility treatment, thus, all of the best IVF clinics will probably have high proportion of single births, adding more to the overall success rate of the clinic. Finding a clinic with high success rate is not at all a taxing task, as long as you search for all the significant aspects that have a prominent role of adding up in the success ratio of the clinic. So, if you are dealing with infertility, get in touch with a prominent IVF clinic and take pleasure of the positive result.