( 25 NOV 2017 )

Are IVF Babies Healthy Physically And Mentally?
There are millions of people who are seeking help from In-Vitro Fertilization and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques, in order to conceive after a significant age limit. However, there have always been debates about the health issues of babies born through these techniques. The prime concern of most of the parents is the physical and intellectual development of their babies born through IVF. And, there have been innumerable researches to find out the appropriate conclusion. So, what has been concluded with these researches? Are the babies born through the fertility treatments as normal as babies conceived naturally?

Physical Health of IVF Babies
According to some of the renowned researchers, babies born through IVF appear out to be as healthy as babies who were conceived naturally. Not just that, but it has also been proved out that the health of such babies remains constant. A study was conducted recently on this topic and the drawn conclusions were:

• Their health remains up-to-the-mark till their adulthood.
• The advancement in the education is also constant.
• The rates of premature delivery have been higher, considering the age factor of the woman.
• The babies may need regular check-up and mothers would have to keep a check on their health.
• The probability of babies being underweight is higher.

Mental Health of IVF Babies
It has been proven that there are not any serious influences on the physical health of IVF babies. On the other hand, as far as the mental health is concerned, then the studies have shown some negative outcomes. There have been certain neurological disorders in such babies and the scientist have found a significant risk of intellectual disability among children. This disability, however, has been noticed more in twins and triplets and not in the single birth. Other problems that have been observed are:

• Low IQ
• Problems in socializing and communicating with others
• Mental retardation

It has also been considered that the IVF procedure with more sperm manipulation is likely to be linked with these neurological disorders as compared to an IVF procedure without this manipulation. So, these are some of the risks associated with In-Vitro Fertilization treatment. Howbeit, these defects are only significant as far as the birth of triplets or twins is concerned because the doctor often transfers embryos during the on-going cycle, just to increase the chances of a woman to get pregnant.
But, if you get in touch with a renowned and experienced doctor, then you may prevent these disorders. All around the world, approximately 5 million kids have been born through IVF and are completely healthy. In the end, it may solely depend on the techniques with which the doctor handles your case.